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July 14, 2017

December 14, 2016

September 14, 2016

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Il progetto Via Andanti - camerawomen sulla strada

May 25, 2018

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A challenge in galloping

December 14, 2016

It all started on a spring afternoon when in my old bedroom at my parents' place, I found myself leafing through an old book about Greek Mythology. 

I'm not sure if names had an influence - my father's name is Hector (Ettore) - but I have always been fascinated by those mythical and fantastical stories.

I started reading by chance the story of Pentesilea, the indomitable queen of the Amazons, a warrior virgin and winner of many battles who was then herself defeated 

by Achilles.  However, according to the story, Achilles then fell in love with her immediately after having killed her.

It was like a flash, a lightning bolt.  I imagined myself as one of those courageous female warriors on a galloping horse, scornful of the hostile world in which they ventured and  

disdainful of the fact that the men who they regularly fought were by nature stronger.  They would advance, united.  United they would win.  And thus the idea was born to establish Pentesilea Productions with the motto "union makes strength".  The strength was already there,  in the people - men and women - who were around me, who were living their life both in small and important matters as if they were on a galloping horse.

Besides metaphors there are few things that man can concretely achieve on his own.  An idea can be from an individual but the achievement often needs a team. And a creative reality needs a tight-knit team.  This could seem a naive thought if it wasn't that the biggest truth is often within the simplest facts and is often overlooked.

Pentesilea Productions is like an expanding web. Anna, Teresa and Desiree are Amazons who have the courage to bring about a project in which in they all believe.  The choice of being four women in making the first steps of PP is not a simple matter of gender.  Intelligence and talent for example are definitely not identifiable by gender.

It's a choice dictated mainly by a cultural environment, which is to say that only in the last few decades average women like us -not rich, not someone's wife or someone's daughter - have really had the possibility if they so choose to decide what paths and objectives to follow and to even choose to do so in a predominantly male sector.   

It is not our aim to highlight any kind of gender superiority - it would be like showing the superiority of a crocodile over a hippopotamus, what could it be?  On the contrary we want to highlight the exact opposite by creating a 360 network of synergy between people working in different sectors, be it creative or technical, or men and women.

All part of an awareness.  Even I had to cross mountains, valleys and forests to reach this point. My journey is far from finished and I hope it will last a long time.

I have followed my professional road, step after step, and without noticing as I went along, I reached objectives which I had pre-planned. Today I feel that the road to follow is still long  

but there is whisper which tells me with a pinch of awareness that "to want brings to obtain".  Sometimes there is no need to be consciously aware because it's enough to just feel it inside.

I know of many able girls and women, with enviable talents, who are often too afraid or with little self belief.  PP is a way to say:  go for it!  Don't be afraid of failure or lack of success because it's a way to overcome obstacles; another road is always possible by trying again and again.

This is a new adventure.  I'm unsure how it will progress.  The only thing I know is that right now it's worth climbing on the saddle and to take off on a gallop. 


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