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Graduates in 2006 at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D'Amico, and follows this by becoming a Doris Hicks life member of the Actors Studio in New York.  After a few years of theatre performances, alongside such artists as Ottavia Piccolo, Zuzzurro e Gaspare and Remo Girone, she acts in her first horror film: Morituris, written by Ganluigi Perrone and directed by Raffaele Picchio.  This films opens the door to the horror genre which she has always enjoyed as a spectator.  Among her filmography are horror films in English such as

German Angst (directed by B/K/M),  Anger of the Dead (dir. Francesco Picone), The Blind King (dir. Raffaele Picchio) and The House of Devil (dir. Boni& Ristori) as well as films outside this genre such as Ritual ecc. ecc.

Her work with Francesco Niccolai started with two short films (Liscivia & Greberming) and has in the last few years consolidated resulting in a joint collaboration which now also includes writing.

Graduates in Media Languages within the Cinema curriculum at the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and subsequently in Cinematographic Discipline at the Universita'  degli Studi in Turin.  She is the Founder of the collective video TuMenti through which she produces various short films, musical videoclips and Avenida Maracana, a documentary which highlights the daily hardships of a family living in the Borel favela in Rio de Janeiro during the Soccer World Cup in 2014.



Il viaggio del colibrì (work in progress)

One Word (videoclip Asymmetry of Ego, 2015)

Avenida Maracanã (doc., 2014)

Attacca il panico

(videoclip Subsonica, 2014)

Lazzaro (videoclip Subsonica, 2014)

Sailin into my life (videoclip Rockaforte, 2014)

Parallel lives  (videoclip Rockaforte, 2013)

Bandì a Babouté (short 2013)

Solide realtà (short, 2013)